Hello, Nina here. Sorry if this is all messy I’m not really sure if I’m using this correctly!
So we discussed Gwendolyn Brook’s poem and it really left me feeling unsettled but honestly I could clearly see the picture she was trying to create =, and in fact I have seen that picture before and as sad as it is to say, I have lived it too. The image of ignorant woman only doing charity for the simple fact that it makes them feel a little better about themselves, but without actually getting their hands dirty is a form of philanthropy very popular in America. One example of this would be like the “Charity Galas,” in which millions of dollars are spent so that guests could show up in gorgeous 1000$ cocktail dresses and talk about their last vacation at the Hamptons, all while feeling their own worth go up because they had the decency to donate a 200$ bottle of wine that would be auctioned off. It’s also complex because its hard to critique philanthropy, I mean isn’t it supposed to be a good thing? But the fact of the matter is, philanthropy in America is the equivalent of dusting a pair of raggedy, torn, ripped up shoes; it doesn’t really fucking do anything.