Community Engagement

Fall 2016


Week 7

“In an effort to…” Emiley

“In an effort to feel close to home
I now call my mom every night.
I make sure my sister is doing
O.K. and that my mom is
remembering to take her medication.
Hearing her voice and the
support I have from her makes
my time away from my
family so much easier.
Only five months until I’m home.”


Week 6/7? “In an Effort To…” Prompt- Isabelle

Here is my response to Rick’s in class prompt to write our own version in under 59 words.

In an effort to spark creativity,
I now carry a pen with me at all times
Ink to paper or skin allows for thoughts to flow
Art has never felt so spontaneous
With only 8 words remaining, I feel it is fitting to say-
Inspiration can come in the strangest of forms.
As long as you are welcome it.

Weekly Response Sample

Here is a sample of the weekly response – it is also your guide to using this site!

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